Payment Options

Fee and Payment Policy

  1. Payment at the time of treatment
  2. We accept debit cards, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.
  3. Outside financing is available through Care Credit for more extensive treatment. Contact for additional information.
  4. Extended payments are available upon special request. All major treatment will require an appropriate down payment.


There is no direct relationship between our office and your insurance company. The type of plan chosen by you and/or your employer determines your insurance benefits. As such, we have no say in the selection of your insurance company, no control over the terms of your contract, the methods of reimbursement or the determination of your insurance benefits. Therefore, we do not accept assignment of benefits from any insurance company. Any reimbursement by your insurance company should be made directly to you according to the terms of your contract with them. As a courtesy we would be happy to file your insurance on your behalf. If you would like for us to do so please bring with you your insurance card and any other information necessary for filing.

You need to know how your dental plan is designed including its limitations and deductibles so that you can be prepared to pay your share on the day services are rendered. We will be happy to assist you in obtaining maximum benefits.

Most insurance companies take two to four weeks to process and return payment. If a credit balance results on your account, a refund will be sent to you.